You Liked Me Because I Was Blue

Today is the official re-launch day for CCH! For those of you who are new here, this was previously a travel blog which is now being re-launched as a beauty blog. And since this is a new life for CCH, why not kick off with a little new makeup?

My Colourpop order found its way to my mailbox today. If you don’t own anything by Colourpop — get on it. Their products are excellent. I particularly love their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks because they stay put through anything — even greasy Chinese food! — and the colors truly pop (har har). I much prefer the Colourpop lippies over KVD or Limecrime (although I do still love them, as well). The formula is spot on, and the price is unmatched at $6 a pop!


I also wholeheartedly recommend checking out their Super Shock shadows and face products. The Lunch Money highlighter is seriously incredible, reflecting light every which way all day long. I’m excited to try the blush — this is my first one!

I only swatched the lippies today. You guys, look at them. These colors are so fucking pretty. Shimmy and Donut are good for work, while Be-Dazzled and Raw will be making their debut this weekend!

No flash


Check back later this week for more swatches and complete looks, and don’t forget to follow me!
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The performer of this beautiful song is Halsey. Check her out.

Disclaimer: this is a personal blog written and edited by myself, and all opinions or thoughts expressed in this blog are solely my own. My intention is to do no harm. I am not associated with nor am I being paid by any cosmetic company. All content is my own unless otherwise stated. © Cashmere Cat Hair 2016, all rights reserved. See my full disclaimer.



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