Not My President

I have had a lot of reactions to the U.S. Presidential Election.

Immediately upon hearing the news that Donald Trump was elected, I was furious. That anger very quickly turned into disgust, then disappointment, and finally fear. Now, I’ve had time to process my thoughts and feelings.

What hasn’t already been said?

I don’t want to speak to the nationwide reactions to President-Elect Donald Trump. Turn to any news site if that’s what you want to read. What I came here to say is very personal and very uncomfortable.

Mr. Trump was recorded making sexually explicit comments which suggested he may have sexually assaulted someone in the past. He did not deny making those comments. He will now be the next President of the United States of America.

When I was raped as a teenager, I went to the police. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you are raped. But the police took one look at the skirt that hung 3 inches above my knees and told me there was nothing they could do. I was at a party, shit happens, and anyway what did I expect wearing a skirt like that?

As seen at
It’s misogyny when I’m asked if I’m menstruating because I’m expressing my feelings.” – Meg S.

2 young women reported him for rape in college. They both pressed charges. In both cases, he was never investigated and the charges went nowhere.

Our rapist is now the CFO of a tech company.

And Mr. Trump is now the President-Elect of a country.

How many of us were raised to believe that the Bad People were outliers who had no real effect on society, that we needed to just grin and bear it because that’s just the way some people are?

I have seen posts by friends saying the country has been set back 50 years. But with all due respect, we were never where we should have been. If we were, then Trump/Pence wouldn’t have even been a ticket. If we were, then “Make America White Again” wouldn’t even be a thing.

As seen at
“It’s xenophobia when my brothers in school are asked if they are terrorists because they are 1/2 middle eastern.” – Sarah S.

I cannot, will not, and do not support this man. This is a man whose campaign was fueled by hatred. This is a man whose reprehensible behavior has been visible to young children: boys who will understand that it’s acceptable for them to behave this way, girls who will understand that they will have to simply put up with it. White children who will believe that their non-white counterparts are dangerous. LGBTQ children who will understand that they will need to suppress their feelings if they want to be safe.

I will not support this.

Donald Trump will be the next president of my country, but he is not my president.



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