Cashmere Cat Hair is a lifestyle blog launched in December 2015. There is literally nothing separating CCH from any other lifestyle blogs except I probably swear a little bit more. I’m a basic bitch with black hair and contoured cheekbones, coffin-shaped acrylics, and an affinity for Halsey. Sue me.

You can call me Ali. No, that is not my full name. I am 28 years old. ISTJ, Slytherin, feminist, Team Mystic. I work in substance use. I have issues with anxiety and panic.  I am an MSW student.

I live in a cozy apartment in the suburbs with my boyfriend, Jason, our two cats, and my three betta fish. Cat hair is everywhere, no matter what I do. I just deal with it now (and by “deal with it” I mean “keep a lint roller in my desk at work because that’s the only place I can remove cat hair from my clothes without it immediately reappearing”). Jason is an artist who designs tee shirts and I am constantly astounded by his abilities; you can buy his shirts at TeePublic. We have been together 10 years and lived together 5.

Various interests include: Pokemon, sci-fi, horror, tattoos, books, Modern Family, good wine, Alice in Wonderland.

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Any questions, feel free to leave a comment. But be nice. I cry easily.


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